A  Three  Minute  Explanation  of  the  Boulder  Thesis  for  Startup  Communities 

I recently did a short three minute “drawing board” video with the gang at Starto in Denver that is an excellent overview of the Boulder Thesis, my framework for creating a vibrant, long-term startup community wherever you live. I think they captured it really well.

  • “just get started. no one’s going to elect you boss.”

    people tend to wait for someone else to start stuff, when all they really need to do is start it themselves.

    build your own economy.

  • Robert Dewey

    THIS is the book trailer!

  • Excellent! Pre-ordered and really looking forward to digging in!

  • Love it! Def. do something like this when you come out to Seattle ;-) Simple, short and sweet. Oh and +1 for using this as a promo

  • I believe in jumping in over your head and swimming like hell. Leaders don’t ask for permission.. They just start doing things and people will follow.

    Just started book and am amped. Thanks Brad.