Making Sense Of The Numbers In Your Startup

Why We Are Writing Startup Metrics

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My partner Seth Levine and I have decided to write a book together. We are tackling a topic we both care deeply about – the metrics that matter to your startup.

A year ago Jason Mendelson (another partner of ours at Foundry Group) and I wrote a book titled Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist. We felt that there was an opportunity to demystify the VC investment process and help entrepreneurs everywhere understand everything surrounding the deal, terms, and negotiation process surrounding a venture capital investment. We had an awesome time writing the book and have been gratified by the response and feedback we’ve gotten from entrepreneurs all over the world.

Seth and I decided to take on a topic that is equally important – that of the metrics that matter to a startup. In our investment activity we are regularly amazed at the lack of financial literacy of many entrepreneurs and investors. But it’s more than just the accounting data – it’s the metrics that apply to every aspect of the business.

There’s an old cliche – if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – that is very relevant to every startup. As Seth and I work on Startup Metrics, we’ll explore all aspects of this in depth. Our goal is to write a book as foundational as Venture Deals.

Startup Metrics will be published in Q2 2013. In the mean time, we’ll each be blogging regularly on this topic. Please join us in the conversation.