Ireland  Startup  Community  Report 

The Entrepreneurship Forum recently published a report on the Ireland startup community. By focusing on improving their culture of mentorship and how community members interact with each other, they are investing in the long-term growth and sustainability of their startup ecosystem.

Big kudos to their use of “give before you get” – a core theme in Brad Feld’s Startup Communities – on page 5 of the SlideShare below.

  • Eoin Costello

    Great to see the report that has 6 positive mentions of #StartupIreland getting lots of coverage, we are working away at the coalface to help create the conditions whereby Ireland will become the land of opportunity for startups that want to take on the world. I spoke to the Irish Parliament’s Committee on Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation earlier this month on what we can learn from Brad’s “Startup Communities” book in growing our startup ecosystem. Eoin Costello