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Family treeWe’re beginning to see an interesting phenomenon occur with the success of Startup Communities. Readers are extrapolating the lessons within the book and are raising some interesting questions about the drivers, best practices and key components of startup communities. Recently, Dan Moore, a local Boulder IT consultant, wrote a blog post questioning the lasting impact the personnel of a former employer had on the local startup community. His blog post raises an interesting question.

How many startups have been birthed as a result of personnel from a former startup?

In his own case, Mr. Moore was an employee of XOR, (Internet technology, Systems, IT) and according to his experience some 23 companies were formed as an off fall of its sale, one of which includes the company he currently works for. This information has spurred the team here at Startup Revolution to wonder if we could put together a data set that would depict the general impact startups have on their communities.

So we decided to begin the process of sourcing information regarding such matters and are now putting together a data set on the long term residual effects of startups; no matter their outcome. Whether they failed or succeeded we want to know the impact startups have.

So we’ve got a favor to ask…we need you to fill out the form below providing us with important information on the number of companies that were spun off as a result of either the sale or closing up of a former employer.

Simply fill out and submit the form below and we’ll start building the data set.

Thanks for all the help!

-The Startup Revolution Team

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  • Ian Gerald King

    Not sure if this is entirely relevant, but the new generation of Toronto/Waterloo entrepreneurs can probably trace their inspiration to one of the three nonprofit conference organizing groups: (1) Impact Entrepreneurship Group, (2) Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference Foundation, and (3) Nspire Innovation Network. For instance, Impact’s founder, Kunal Gupta, went on to found Polar Mobile; another Impact president, Ray Cao, went on to found Loose Button. There are so many other examples but those two stick out in my mind. I was talking to one of my friends and he amusingly described the “incest” between those three groups as members connect with one another. Really, I see those three groups as the fuel behind the new wave of entrepreneurship in Southern Ontario.

  • Dan Moore

    Glad to know my article interested you, and looking forward to seeing the results. For anyone interested in my blog post, it is here:

    I didn’t do anything fancy to gather this data, mostly set up some reasonable criteria in my head and then reached out via email to anyone I could think of.

    Fun project for sure, and a concrete reminder of what can happen when you have a great group of people working together.