Roadmap to the Toronto Startup Community

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I love these informal guides to startup communities. David Crow just put up a post titled Don’t Panic: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Toronto Startup Ecosystem

It’s awesome and similar in format to the guide that Rob Go of Nextview puts up each year about the Boston startup community.

No one asks permission. No one has to go through an education committee. No one has to struggle with formatting. Thirty minutes of writing, a post, and anyone who is interested now has a clear roadmap for how to engage in the Toronto Startup Community.

Well done David!

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Roadmap To The Boston Startup Community

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Startup Communities don’t have a “VP of Education” – there is no one person responsible for coordinating the events. Instead, the events are delicious chaos, getting created by whomever wants to create them, and being cataloged by whomever wants to catalog them. If something is needed it will appear.

Rob Go from NextView writes a great post annual that is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Boston Tech Community – his most recent 2012 one is outstanding. It’s a great example of (a) the depth of the Boston startup community and (b) organization of the chaos through an informal approach (e.g. a simple blog post).

This is all it takes. If you want to give people a roadmap to your startup community, don’t wait. Just do what Rob did.