The  Atlanta  Tech  Village  –  A  New  Hub  For  Atlanta  Startups. 

Guest Post By: Kyle PorterSalesLoft – (Founder & CEO)

In a business city known for it’s fortune 500 giants, the Atlanta startup community took a massive step forward today.

Atlanta Entrepreneur David Cummings has purchased Ivy Place, a 100,000 square foot building in the heart of Atlanta’s Buckhead district for $12.5 Million. He’s changed the name to the “Atlanta Tech Village”, and is designing the building specifically to enhance the Atlanta startup ecosystem.

The village will be a center point for the Atlanta startup community and will provide flexible space for startups to grow from one founder to dozens of employees. It’s expected to house up to 75 companies, and will include a meeting space for up to 150 people.

From the website, the Village’s plan is to “bring the community together, promote serendipitous interactions, and be a powerful tool for recruiting the best talent. ATV is designed as a campus for all types of people doing innovative things.”

“Too much money is wasted by startups on ill-fitting long term leases and heavy customization” Says Cummings. “The Tech Village will alleviate these pains for startups”

David is committed to investing another $5 million in the building for renovations that should be finished by Summer 2013. Think rooftop decks, patio build outs, large sliding glass partitions, open areas, exposed ceilings and more. It’s going to be the only building of it’s kind in Atlanta that caters directly to the startup community, with pricing and terms unique to the needs of startups.

The Cambridge Innovation Center in Boston was an inspiration in the creation of the Village.

The New Atlanta Tech Village

Atlanta has always been known for it’s big business. Companies headquartered here are some of the world’s largest and most influential (Coca-Cola, UPS, Home Depot, Delta, etc), but Atlanta has been overlooked a national scale as a startup community. With the building of the Tech Village and other major successes this year (Vitrue, BLiNQ Media, Pardot, Cloud Sherpas), Atlanta is beginning to change that stigma.

Led by a new breed of passionate, “give-first” entrepreneurs, the city of Atlanta is seeing momentum like never before. Entrepreneurs are taking risks, companies are exiting, and investment is happening. The Atlanta technology community is thriving and ATV is a integral part of the momentum.

Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft 

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  • craighyde

    This is a huge step forward for Atlanta, which already has an amazing technology scene. The Atlanta Technology Village already has over a half dozen member companies and hasn’t even opened its doors yet. I expect many great things to come out of this building.

  • $400 a person for a space and a parking spot adds up quickly when you have a sizable team…

  • Darrell Ross

    Actually James, $400 pp/mo is inline with what you would spend on a cheap sub-lease (non-furnished) in Class A space, and much cheaper than the Regus route. I presume that under this plan, an entrepreneur doesn’t have to sign a long-term guarantee, which is the real financial benefit.

    • André Thénot

      Regus prices per room, though. So it evens out or could be cheaper than the ATV. But Regus doesn’t have that startup vibe… feels like working in enterprise setting. That alone may make it worth it.

    • Johnson Cook

      Yep, no long term commit.. 90-days only. Plus that includes fiber internet.

  • The momentum going on in Atlanta right now is amazing to watch. With this space targeting well-funded tech startups, it is going to facilitate collaboration and growth exponentially. I’m excited to see the attention ATV gets by the Buckhead Financial District. I expect the location will make access to our city’s innovative tech startups much easier for the Fortune 500 companies. Major step forward investing in startup-friendly real estate!

  • You forgot the best part: its right across the street from Chipotle!

  • Michael Nourollahi

    What a score for the Atlanta technology community! Startups have typically been in Midtown and the Westside, so I’m excited to see new energy and exciting businesses take over other parts of the city as well. Congrats to Mr. Cummings and I look forward to hearing more about this venture in the near future.

  • I’m now in Austin. But as a born Atlantan, I’m really excited to see ATV flourish.

    Since Capital Factory purchased a dedicated space for startups to meet and co-work, there has been a noticeable uptick in startup activity.

    I’m glad to see successful entrepreneurs like David invest money in startup hub spaces like this.

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  • This is AMAZING news. I’ve long felt that the Fortune 500’s in Atlanta “sucked the air out of the room” and thought we needed something like this to get people in Atlanta to recognize that there are more than just Fortune 500s to work for, and also to get Fortune 500s to recognize, buy from and partner with startups. Kudos to David Cummings for making this happen. He’s a man for whom “2 cars and a boat” just won’t do! :-)

  • This is another wonderful step in the changing business landscape for Atlanta. Atlanta already is home to many awesome start-ups and entrepreneurs who share the same “give-first” and pay if forward mentality. Thank you David for providing this opportunity.

  • JeffAnop

    Very exciting for the ATL startup community. I see big and small companies benefiting from this.

  • Thrilled to see this development happening in Atlanta. This type of space hasn’t been available [in atlanta] since the early 00’s when start ups were still being heavily funded. Finding scalable, affordable creative office space for my small business has been challenging: full of flakey land lords and dodgy security. This is going to be a start up’s haven and give the businesses the ability to focus on the business, rather than the real estate.

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  • marccanter

    Congrats to Atlanta!

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