There  Isn’t  A  President  of  the  Denver  Startup  Community 

In my model of startup communities, networks dominate. I go into the dynamics between networks and hierarchies in Startup Communities and I’m sure I’ll talk about it a lot more on this blog. But I wanted to give a very crisp example.

The Denver Startup Community has come to life in the past year. There are a number of great entrepreneurial leaders just getting shit done. They aren’t waiting for anyone, they aren’t asking for permission, and they aren’t creating hierarchies. They aren’t waiting until they have enough money raised to build a non-profit organization, they don’t need an office, and they aren’t hiring staff to help them. They are just doing.

An example is the increasing number of high quality events in Denver around startups. Take a look at the post on the FullContact blog titled August Denver Tech Update. It’s a great list of things coming up in September and only has one issue – the title is “August” and should be “September”. But so what – it’s out there and the list is a good one.

There is no president of the Denver Startup Community. There is no vice president of membership. There is no vice president of education. There is a vice president of finance. There is no secretary.

It’s a network, not a hierarchy.

  • “There is a vice president of finance.”

    Typo, there is.

  • Yes. Yes. Hell Yes.

  • I would also add perhaps “there is no HQ”. It looks like your events are all over. No one building or org hosting and driving them.

  • We are putting Denver on the map so create your startup and then come to Denver and watch it grow. I don’t think Denver really needs a “HQ” which is what makes it great to have the events shared at several different locations as it gives everyone a chance to see new venues and meet new people. We are also doing the first ever DenverStartupWeek on 10/22 and the opening speaker is none other than Gary Vaynerchuk.

  • Maranda Bodas

    As part of the Denver startup community, we have seen a huge boom just in the last 6 months! The most unique part of about this community is the diversity of companies we have and the fact that the entire city is behind us.

  • #inspired I really like this idea of ‘no president’, hierarchy. Seems like an HQ may only limit innovation, though not convinced. Curious what others think…