Jul 5 2011

Finding Our Writing Spot

As every writer knows, procrastination is the name of the game. Before you can actually start writing, you must find your special magic writing spot.

Special Magic Writing Spot

We are in Paris for the month. We rented a beautiful apartment in the 8th and feel pretty settled in at this point (day 5 of 30). Yesterday we went on a quest to find our special magic writing spot. We loaded up Amy’s very preppy and cute Prada striped spring tote (apparently the official name) with laptops, a camera, wallets, and seven lipsticks and headed out into the world.

Before we could actually start searching for a special magic writing spot, we needed to eat lunch. Brad was starving for pizza so we ended up at one of the 7,845 pizza bistros in Paris. Ninety minutes later we resumed our quest.

As we wandered around the Champs-Élysées, Brad got the idea to try once again to get a SIM card for his phone. He viewed this as his reward for carrying around the very preppy, cute, and increasingly heavy Prada striped spring tote. For more on that particular story, go read The Insanity Of Trying To Find A Working SIM Card In Paris, although if you aren’t interested in the details, the quest ended back at our apartment in bed for a nap.

When we awoke, it was dinner time so our quest for the special magic writing spot was unsuccessful. But our effort to procrastinate for the entire day was a rousing success.

Of course we ended up finding our special magic writing spot first thing this morning. Our apartment has a delightful balcony that Brad has been sitting on doing email for the past few days. Today, we officially anointed it our special magic writing spot when in Paris.