Aug 20 2012

Pros and Cons of Boulder’s Startup Ecosystem

Trevor Gilbert of PandoDaily just spent two weeks hanging out in Boulder. He wrote a great post titled Boulder’s Startup Ecosystem: Pros and Cons which covers a bunch of things that are working, as well as weaknesses, in the Boulder startup community. It’s easy to do a flyby and write an easy lightweight article. Trevor spent time in town, interviewed a lot of folks, and drew his own conclusions.

He also wrote up a handful of interviews with local companies.

– Things Move Fast in Boulder: FullContact’s Funding Round Streamlined by Foundry Group

– Mocavo Connects the Hidden Dots for Genealogists

– Ubooly’s Lovable iPhone Toy Is Not Your Average Stuffed Animal

– PivotDesk Is Making a Play for Startup Office Space Everywhere

– Conference Call Dial-In Numbers Be Gone! MobileDay Is Here to Save the Day

Trevor – thanks for putting so much effort into this. Come visit any time. And holler if we (me and your other new friends in Boulder) can ever be helpful to you.